Tableau Server

Tableau fields definition with Undocumented API

This was hell of a ride! For couple last months I’d working on a script which should handle, theoretically, simple case – to print formula for a calculated field available on the dashboard.I must admit that at the beginning of… Continue Reading →

Create Customer Portal in Tableau

What would you say if I tell you that you can have all great features of Tableau wrapped in custom customer portal without even exiting the Tableau ecosystem? You can have nice looking, interactive customer portal in the Tableau Viz… Continue Reading →

CSV Download button with Tableau JS API

We all love Tableau great visualizations but sometimes we need to fetch raw data to print, open in Excel or for any other reason. While viewing Dashboard in Tableau Server, sometimes it’s not clear how to download csv file. There… Continue Reading →

Default date slider range with Tableau JS API

Date slider in Tableau provides an easy way to refine date period displayed in Tableau viz. However, when speaking of large volumes of data, for the sake of performance, it might be necessary to display default date slider range for… Continue Reading →

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