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Shapes out of shape

One of the greatest features introduced in Tableau 9.0 was Ad-Hoc calculations. This feature allows you to add calculation formula directly to the rows, columns of marks shelf without creating calculated field beforehand. To learn more about Ad-hoc calculations, refer… Continue Reading →

Show / hide worksheet toggle in Tableau

Everyone who at least once tried to build more complex dashboard in Tableau reach the point when he/she had to make a decision which sheet stays on dashboard and which has to be dropped to at least keep the slight… Continue Reading →

Business Hours calculation in Tableau

Out of the things I learned from being a manager ( is that performance measuring is one of the most important success factors. With few tricks, Tableau can be a tool suited for such purpose.

5 things I learned being first-time manager

Couple years ago, when it turned out that demand for BI services in the company overgrown supply, for the first time in my life I was put in the role of a ‘Manager’. Without any previous experience and virtually any… Continue Reading →

Salesforce and missing SLF4J library in Talend DI 6.2.0

Let’s face it. My company is heavy user. That’s why after seeing multiple performance tweaks of Salesforce components in release notes of Talend DI 6.2.0 decision to migrate was obvious. Unfortunately that’s where problems started.

Cannot target Subjob Ok and Subjob Error to single component

We came across this issue when trying to schedule downloading data from multiple sources in a single grouping job. Grouping job is created as a repetitive sets of jobs: first API data request is pushed and then data is fetched… Continue Reading →

Installing Talend Open Studio on Mac

We all know that Talend Open Studio works well on Windows environment but what with Mac OS (OSX)?

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