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Free Tableau – with offline extract refresh

As Tableau licensing usually is out of reach for smaller companies, there is a way to have free Tableau implementation with the little trick I describe in this post.

CSV Download button with Tableau JS API

We all love Tableau great visualizations but sometimes we need to fetch raw data to print, open in Excel or for any other reason. While viewing Dashboard in Tableau Server, sometimes it’s not clear how to download csv file. There… Continue Reading →

Default date slider range with Tableau JS API

Date slider in Tableau provides an easy way to refine date period displayed in Tableau viz. However, when speaking of large volumes of data, for the sake of performance, it might be necessary to display default date slider range for… Continue Reading →

Talend Data Preparation – cursed child or visionary?

Recently Talend introduced new family member – Talend Data Preparation Desktop. Let’s take a look what it has to offer! Mac Install is pretty straightforward – download, run and move application to application folder. After launching the application, first difference… Continue Reading →

Best Games and Creative Custom Shape usage

Recently I’ve found an article on Wikipedia with ranking of best games since 1998. One might not agree with few choices but definitely whole thing made me drive down the memory lane.  Let’s face it, big part of us play… Continue Reading →

Conditional Formatting in Tableau

One of the biggest challenges Tableau newcomers face is lack of standard features available in Excel. Conditional formatting is one to name such. Recently good news surfaced that this feature is on shortlist to be added to 10.2 version but… Continue Reading →

Plotting Graphs on the Map

In terms of mapping, by design, Tableau allows to display data only as a filled map or single points placed in the middle of analyzed area. However, using few tricks, software limitations can be slightly shifted in this case as… Continue Reading →

Table calculations filtering and sorting

Update Dec 14th: It looks like the INDEX() solution provided previously was not working after Datasource Refresh as Tableau defaulted to the Manual Sort. Tutorial updated with new approach that addresses this problem.   Have you ever tried filtering or… Continue Reading →

Shapes out of shape

One of the greatest features introduced in Tableau 9.0 was Ad-Hoc calculations. This feature allows you to add calculation formula directly to the rows, columns of marks shelf without creating calculated field beforehand. To learn more about Ad-hoc calculations, refer… Continue Reading →

Show / hide worksheet toggle in Tableau

Everyone who at least once tried to build more complex dashboard in Tableau reach the point when he/she had to make a decision which sheet stays on dashboard and which has to be dropped to at least keep the slight… Continue Reading →

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