About me

My name is Matthew.

For over 10 years I have been working on various positions including Business Analyst, ETL Developer, Tableau Developer and MIS Designer. I used to have a great tutor at the beginning of my Integrations adventure but since then I've learned everything I know by myself. Adding this on top of previous BI experience with Tableau I have become versatile and eager to learn even more. Now it's time to share solutions for few projects I came across.

Personally I am proud husband, father, cat lover and US vacations junky.

Visit my LinkedIn profile for more information about my experience. I currently do projects mostly as a freelance. You can hire me on Upwork for projects.



Tableau is one of the most advanced visualization solution currently available on market. Year over year it improves its result in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and 5 years in a row was classified as a Leader. Tableau is an alternative to other applications such as PowerBi, Domo or Qlick View. Definately most powerful from this whole stake.

Tableau provides variety of analytical possibilities from simple dashboards to interactive solutions and data discovery.

Classic Tableau deployment consists of Tableau Desktop for designing dashboards and Tableau Server where end users can access data and interact with the vizualisations.

For users not willing to host it's own server, there's an alternative in Tableau Online which works the same as Tableau Server but is hosted and maintained on the Tableau side.

There's also free alternatives (Tableau Reader and Tableau Public) which allows to reduces integration cost greatly. Community forums already passed 100 000 users collaborating on making the software better and are always ready to support with the toughest cases and implementations.


Klipfolio has been in the Vizualisation industry for a while now. During all this time they improved the solution to the point where Klipfolio can easily compete with the bigger players on the market like Tableau or PowerBI.

Multitude of connectors and sample reports helps with rapid dashboard deployment. Sales, Marketing, Operations - everyone's flavour is supported. Name a technology you have on-site and there is a great chance that Klipfolio can utilize. Their dashboards are designed to be displayed on the TVs so you can throw your KPIs where everyone can see them. If you prefer - you can also take them with you.

Klipfolio support team is always there to help you with the complex formulas which is a benefit that cannot be overestimated.



Talend is one of the most powerful softwares for ETL processing. Open Source and Java based nature means limitless possibilities for custom components for applications not supported natively (for example Tableau).

Drag and drop interface speeds up work and make integrations clearer and more transparent.

Compiled integration jobs can be launched from both Windows and Linux environments as it's just a simple .bat file with all needed libraries included.

Built in components cover most of the modern datasources and transformation types including AWS Redshift, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Salesforce.com. Finally you could have all information in one place allowing you to analyze Marketing results together with Sales teams.