As Cryptocurrency topic is on the rise right now more than ever, every now and then you might start wondering if there’s still profitable way to earn your share from this coin cake. At press time, Bitcoin price floats around 6400$ and is still growing. But Bitcoin is not the only kid on the block. There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of different coins but big part of them are not based on the same script as BTC. And that’s the spot where profitability is still to be found. Bitcoin and Bitcoin-like coins requires ASIC miners which are expensive and usually cannot be used for anything else than mining. Alt coins like Monero, can be mined using both your CPU and GPU. Regardless if you have latest Coffee Lake architecture with Pascal GPU or you struggle with old Core 2 Duo.

Browser Cryptocurrency Mining

To do a serious mining operations, you should definitely use dedicated software but to make your first steps in the cryptocurrency mining, running Javascript in browser would be enough.

Setup Monero Wallet

First of all you have to create your own Wallet to make sure that your funds are safe. There are few online wallets you can choose from but remember one golden rule – you should NEVER reveal your seed (12 or 24 words) and you should ALWAYS have access to the keys. One of the most popular is .

Upon creation you should get the public wallet address looking more less like this. Click below to see what happens. 41esjxRTz4FF9cCQPQKxhTigo7DWLH86Wd31CnYtrTkg941TZJ3C4iD3VgEgBpKgrkZ9PZpwup5VbFy4RUdj8crEUWQzPET

Setup Javascript Code

One of the first to provide fully working code for browser cryptocurrency mining was . Guess what, they share their library and even serve you with fully functioning GUI! Thanks to that, implementation is super easy. Just include their library in the script and call the GUI:

<script src="" async></script>
<div class="coinhive-miner" 
	style="width: 256px; height: 310px"

There are several options you can change to make this GUI blend better in your site styling. data-key can be obtained after logging on the site and generating new key. Full documentation can be found here. I personally find it a great feature to support blog of all kinds. You can setup default CPU usage to very low level so it’s not degrading viewer hardware and you earn your share for providing the content.

Going one step forward

I’ve just shown you how the simple GUI might work. But this is a very basic example of the functionality. Coinhive provides full Javascript library which includes status checking and events gathering. This way site can respond to mining by for example hiding ads after certain cryptocurrency hashes are submitted. Another interesting feature is a response for the captcha. They call it proof of work and essentially requires you to submit few hashes to prove that you are human. Click below to see how it works

Final word

So the big question is: is this profitable? Well.. It’s not for most of the users. Sometimes news surface stating that big portals such are using this method but this means that you really have to have serious number of visitors every day and what is more important, you have to decide for them whether they would like to donate their resources. But it’s definitely fun and a great way to start your adventure with cryptocurrency with minimal investment.