Talend – could not send message error with tRESTClient

You may think that REST APIs are super easy to use with tRESTClient in Talend and nothing really can surprise you here. Until you try to get data from token based authenticated API.

Get Google Sheet from GDrive with Talend

Fetching data living on Google Drive sounds like piece of cake, especially having native Talend connector. NOT!

How to mine Cryptocurrency in Browser

As Cryptocurrency topic is on the rise right now more than ever, every now and then you might start wondering if there’s still profitable way to earn your share from this coin cake. At press time, Bitcoin price floats around… Continue Reading →

Tableau fields definition with Undocumented API

This was hell of a ride! For couple last months I’d working on a script which should handle, theoretically, simple case – to print formula for a calculated field available on the dashboard.I must admit that at the beginning of… Continue Reading →

How to create fully automatic Bitcoin bot

On the wave of the Bitcoin and alt-coins hype, I think it’s worth to ask yourself a question: Can something be done to get Bitcoin for free? Well the answer is simple: Yes you can! With the support of modern programming… Continue Reading →

Fetching data using web data connector with CORS

My client asked me to create simple web data connector for Tableau what would fetch customer data from an external service. Sounds like an easy task, especially as data was provided in JSON format. Unfortunately server generating data doesn’t have… Continue Reading →

Create Customer Portal in Tableau

What would you say if I tell you that you can have all great features of Tableau wrapped in custom customer portal without even exiting the Tableau ecosystem? You can have nice looking, interactive customer portal in the Tableau Viz… Continue Reading →

Sparklines and Stock Graphs

One of the key assumptions behind Tableau graph options is to be as simple and informative as possible. However, looking at the competition like Domo, PowerBi or Klipfolio, it’s clear that graph choice could be expanded to improve user experience…. Continue Reading →

Use Promises with Tableau JavaScript

Tableau JS API provides multitude of options for interacting, fetching and reusing data from your viz. Mostly, for performance reasons, part of the calls are made in async manner. Asynchronous part of the Tableau JS API is delivered using Promises… Continue Reading →

Tableau Bar Chart with indicators

On the wave of  data vizualization hype, more and more vizs emerge proving that using Tableau in non-standard may produce stunning results. Thanks to that, we can deliver data to the limited dashboard space in an effective and most business valuable… Continue Reading →

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